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12 September 2020 ·

This is a story shared by Danniel’s father, compiled by Cikgu Kai Syn.

“My son, Muhammad Danniel Aieman, 15 years old was diagnosed with Embryonal CWS Tumour (at the back section of his brain). The journey began back in February 2020 when Danniel had to undergo 2 major surgeries to remove the tumor. After the surgery in Sibu, he continued his treatment at Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching.

Before the Movement Control Order (MCO) was imposed, my wife had to travel back to Sibu because she needed to take care of Danniel’s siblings. Watching Danniel going through his treatments was not easy (with the needles & such) and I had to make sure he ate his medicines according to the schedule. As a father, I would do anything to make sure he’s on the right track to recovery.

Throughout this 7 months of treatment, it was definitely a roller coaster. You name it; going through this battle during the pandemic, staying away from our hometown & far from the rest of the family for a long period of time. Grateful that we made it to this day – now Danniel is finishing his treatment and all praise to Almighty as well as the continuous support from people around us; SCCS, medical team & parents fighting the same battle as us.”