Support services

A Holistic support model:

SCCS adopts a holistic approach in providing care and relief for children and families battling childhood cancer. Support is given upon diagnosis through to the remission and survivorship. For bereaved cases, post bereavement support is given for up to 1 year. Support provided by SCCS is directed at helping the children and caregivers in all dimensions: spiritually, mentally, socio-emotionally, economically and physically.

Support services provided:

Starter kit

A care pack is given to newly diagnosed children to help the children and caregiver adjust to life at the ward. Items given include, toiletries, towels, thermometer, stationary for recording purposes, a microwavable ceramic bowl, utensils and thermal flask.

Buddy program

SCCS matches suitable caregivers whose children have completed treatment to caregivers of newly diagnosed children to provide support and caregiving tips. Support is given through hospital visits and via telephone

Sharing sessions

Our support staff holds a sharing session monthly for parents to share their journey and challenges faced. The session serves as a form of emotional support for parents and families to know that they are not alone in this fight against cancer.

Resource materials

Various resource materials are compiled and provided by the Society for caregivers for their reference

Palliative care

In 2014, SCCS set up their Palliative care services with the objective of providing better assistance and support to children and families when treatment has poor outcome and the cure of disease is less plausible.

Services provided include:

  • Weekly home visits with the medical team to assess the physical, emotional and financial needs of the child and his/her caregivers.
  • Wishing Star project

The wishing Star project main objective is to enhance the quality of life of the children by creating meaningful and magical moments with their families by way of wish granting. Wishes granted by SCCS come in the form or experiences and gifts. Some of the wishes granted thus far include visit to Legoland in Johor Bahru, beach resorts, themed birthday parties, dvd players, tabs, remote control cars etc.

Financial aids and provision of home care medical equipment

Bereavement and post bereavement support

Bereavement support is given in the form of monetary donation and emotional support to assist grieving families through the loss of their loved one. Post bereavement follow-ups via telephone or home visits are conducted up to 1 year.

SCCS organizes a memorial day each year for bereaved families, staff and volunteers to come together to remember the little fighters who have passed away from cancer.

Support Services

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