We are families helping families

Activities In Ward

Educational and craft activities for the children to keep their minds off the treatment.


Celebrations at the ward to unite the families during cultural festivities, and at the ward for those who are unable to go home and be with their families. 

Youth Camp

The camp aims to provide support for youth cancer survivors from the age of 14-25.Through a series of team-building exercises, participants acquire new skills in a supportive, nurturing environment. Among a community of friends, feelings of self-empowerment are fostered in where the youth can talk openly about their experiences with cancer and the unique challenges of survivorship.

Year End Party

Organized by SCCS since 2001 to provide families with an avenue to temporarily get away from the trauma and physical and emotional drains of the cancer treatment process, so that they can be more refreshed to battle against the disease. Each family is connected with the larger community of cancer patients and caregivers.