We are families helping families


To provide care and support for Malaysian children and their families who are suffering from childhood cancer in Sarawak.

Families Helping Families since 1999.

Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society was founded by a group of parents of children with cancer in 1999, to support families of patients diagnosed with childhood cancer. In Sarawak, every 5 days, a child is diagnosed with cancer. 

Formally registered as a non-governmental organization in November 2001, SCCS has grown from a handful of concerned parents to a large network of people.

Our philosophy is simple: we are families helping families. As such, the SCCS committee is made up of 70% patients’ parents and 30% volunteers. We want to serve others during this uncertain time because we have been there ourselves. We have sat at the bedsides of our own ill sons and daughters, and so children with cancer are our children, too.

As such, SCCS recognizes the complexity of the childhood cancer experience, and we understand that it affects every aspect of the lives of patients, siblings, and caregivers. SCCS provides holistic support to families by addressing financial, logistical, medical, social, spiritual, and emotional needs.

Childhood illness is new and terrifying territory, and so we want each of our families to know that we are with them every step of the way. Your support is important for us to continue helping kids fight cancer. 

What SCCS did in 2019