Recreational activities

SCCS organizes outings, holiday camps, children’s parties, festivities celebration, and other social activities to entertain and engage patients. There are also annual camps to heighten the spirits of the families. These activities provide a space for them to rest and rejuvenate their mind and just enjoy each other’s company.

Golden Child Family Day

The Golden Child Family Day (previously known as the Golden Child camp) is an annual recreational event organized by SCCS since 2001 to provide families with an avenue to temporarily get away from the trauma and physical and emotional drains of the cancer treatment process.

This retreat provides parents and children with the space to rest and rejuvenate their minds so that they can be more refreshed to battle against the disease.

Apart from fun activities for the children and their family, healthcare professions provide educational talks to equip families with the skills and information to provide better care for the cancer child. The camp also features parent-led sharing sessions to connect each family with the larger community of cancer patients and caregivers.

Youth Camp

Started in 2013, the SCCS youth camp aims to provide support for youth cancer survivors from the age of 14-25 who have completed active treatment and moving on to survivorship. Through a series of team-building exercises, the camp fosters friendships and feelings of self-empowerment among cancer survivors. At Youth Camp, participants take part in new activities and acquire new skills in a supportive, nurturing environment. Among a community of friends, the youth can talk openly about their experiences with cancer and the unique challenges of survivorship.

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Recreational Activities

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