Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Go Bald

What is Go Bald?
Go Bald is the only head-shaving campaign initiated by Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society to raise funds, and spread awareness of childhood cancer.
Why should one Choose to Go Bald?
The biggest stigma for cancer patients, especially children, is hair loss following chemotherapy. While this is the least of the effects of cancer treatment, it can be traumatic nonetheless. The idea of Go Bald is for participants to help raise money and shave their heads in solidarity for children with cancer, to show them that we understand, that it’s ok to lose their hair as they walk the path towards recovery; and to shine a spotlight on the need for society to do their part.
How is the money raised from Go Bald used?
The money raised is used to help with the operational costs of the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society (SCCS) centres (in Kuching and Miri), and also to provide for additional or unscheduled medical treatments. The funds are also used for financial aid, and for the general welfare of childhood cancer patients and their families.
How can I support the Go Bald Cause?

To support this event, you can choose any of the options below:

  1. Go Bald to show moral support with a pledge card donation (there is a minimum donation of RM50 required per pledge card per participant, should you decide to go bald.)
  2. Make a donation to Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society to show moral support. (No minimum amount required)
How do I make a donation?

Here are a few options:

  1. Pick up a GO BALD pledge card and start raising funds.
  2. Make a donation to a GO BALD pledge card holder
  3. To make a donation online, by visiting
I would like to go bald. What do I do? Do I have to pay first?
Pick up a pledge card and get your friends and families to donate and support you in going bald. No, you don’t have to pay upfront to go bald. However, there is a minimum donation of RM50 required for those who are registering as a shavee. Hence, get your friends and family who are not planning to go bald, to be involved by donating to you. Return your pledge cards together with your donation collected, and register to become a shavee.
Where can I pick up a pledge card?


  • Mon – Sun : Info Counter, CityONE Megamall during mall operation hours.

Selected Everrise Outlets (Kuching only) during operation hours.

Shine Pharmacy outlets during operation hours.

  • Sat – Sun : 10am – 8pm, Weekend Roadshow Booth, CityONE Megamall
  • Mon – Fri : 9am – 4pm (closed for lunch 12pm-1pm) Lot 5493, Lorong 15, Taman Desa Wira, Jalan Batu Kawa, 93250 Kuching


  • Daily : 9am to 4pm at Somerset Hotel reception (12, Kwangtung Road, Miri)
  • Sat – Sun : 12pm – 8pm, Weekend Roadshow Booth, Permaisuri Imperial City Mall (Starting 17.03.2018)


  • Daily : 9am – 4pm at Tanahmas Hotel reception
  • Sat – Sun : 12pm – 8pm, Weekend Roadshow Booth, Delta Mall (Starting 17.03.2018)


  • Daily : 11am – 4pm at Times Square MegaMall Information Counter
  • Sat – Sun : 12pm – 8pm, Weekend Roadshow Booth, Times Square MegaMall (Starting 17.03.2018)
I am below 18 and would like to go bald. How can I do that?

For students below the age of 18 who want to take part in this event, we require that you get consent from your school and parents by filling in our parental consent form. You can pick up these forms together with the pledge card. Just tell the volunteers that you are below the age of 18.

My family and friends would like to take photos and videotape my shaving. Can they go on stage to do so?
Due to space constraints on the stage and safety considerations, supporters are strongly discouraged to go on stage for phototaking/ videotaping. There will be a designated area in front of the stage for such opportunities.



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