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Q1: Is my donation tax exempted?

A: Yes, Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society is an NGO under sub-section 44 (6) of Income Tax Act 1967. All cash donations are tax deductible (applicable only to donations made within Malaysia).

Q2: Is there a minimum amount of donation required for me to be eligible for tax-exemption?

A.  Please note that we have a certain level of administrative cost that needs to be maintained (postage, notification systems etc), as such we require at least RM10 should you wish to claim for tax-exemption.

For donations of RM10,000 and above in a single receipt or accumulated in a calendar year, we are required to declare to the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.

Q3: Can I change the details in my receipt?

A: We regret to inform that, we are unable to process a change of name of e-receipt (with the exception for spelling errors or number errors for NRIC based on the e-form submitted to us during when making this donation) as this would generate a duplicate amount in the e-receipt system.

For future amendments to details for receipt issuance, please kindly email us with your Name and IC within 2 days after making a donation, as we would be able to make these amendments prior to receipts being issued.

Q4: What information do you need from me if I want to get a tax-exempt receipt for donation?

A: The Inland Revenue Board (IRB, or commonly known as LHDN, Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) has recently issued the revised Guidelines for Approval of Director General of Inland Revenue under Subsection 44(6) of the Income Tax Act dated 15 May 2019 (“Revised Guidelines”). The Revised Guidelines supersede the previous Guidelines dated April 2005 (“Previous Guidelines”).

IRB Guideline

Based on the Revised Guidelines, the individual donor is required to provide complete information of the following details in order to obtain an official tax exemption receipt from the organisation:

a. Donor’s name

b. Identity card number / passport number

c. Complete mailing address

Should you wish for the receipt to be issued under company name, please provide the following details:

a. Full business name as it appears on company registration

b. Full company registration number as it appears on company registration

c. Complete company mailing address

The Revised Guidelines also states that approved institutions or organisations cannot issue tax exemption receipts to donors who do not provide their complete personal information.

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