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We need your help and everyone’s help to support them. We need to show them that we all have their back and is doing our part in their journey of fighting childhood cancer.

You can help by either contributing financially to our cause, or to take part in our efforts to support them. Of course, it would be best if you can do both!

27 September 2020 ·

Medina was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma (Brain Cancer) Stage 4 at the age of 3. In a span of 5 months being treated in Sarawak General Hospital, she had 4 surgeries, 2 sessions of heavy chemotherapy & 30 sessions of radiotherapy.

The saddest moment for her parents was when they found out about the diagnosis and throughout this journey, Medina cried a lot and it was very difficult to see her in pain. With the support from SCCS & Medical Team to help Medina in their best ability gave the parents the strength & patience, not forgetting the other caretakers in the shoes as them at the ward.

Now, Medina is in stable condition and currently doing maintenance chemotherapy. Her mother hopes that Medina will recover & chase her dream to become a doctor.

Story compiled by Cikgu Kai Syn