We Are Families Helping Families

We need your help and everyone’s help to support them. We need to show them that we all have their back and is doing our part in their journey of fighting childhood cancer.

You can help by either contributing financially to our cause, or to take part in our efforts to support them. Of course, it would be best if you can do both!

22 September 2020 ·

Shymecalyne Tania was diagnosed with Leukaemia at the age of 3. She is a very tough kid; she has completed 6 cycles of chemotherapy for the past 6 months and surgery to insert a Central Venous Line to ease the pain during treatment. Her mother recalled the first time when she found out that Shymecalyne had cancer, she felt so sad and in disbelief.

“Who would ever thought a child like Shymecalyne would get cancer at such a young age”

Despite that, she expresses her appreciation to SCCS for providing emotional & financial support throughout their journey as they are not alone in this fight. She’s grateful to have her family & close friends as well that understand her situation & ensure she gives her best to take care of her beloved child. She hopes that Shymecalyne will recover & be healthy again, just like before.

Compiled by Cikgu Kaisyn