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We need your help and everyone’s help to support them. We need to show them that we all have their back and is doing our part in their journey of fighting childhood cancer.

You can help by either contributing financially to our cause, or to take part in our efforts to support them. Of course, it would be best if you can do both!

2 September 2020 ·

Story shared by his mother, compiled by Bibie.

She was heartbroken when she found out that Mac was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma Stage 4 at age of 5. Because Mac had to be treated in Sarawak General Hospital (Kuching), she had to sacrifice most of her time taking care of Mac while being away from her family back in Bintulu, including her youngest child who was only 6 months old at that time. On top of that, she had to quit her job in order to be with Mac during his treatment.

“SCCS was there for us, providing support such as financial aid that helped the situation a lot because I wasn’t working, a place to stay at halfway home because I wasn’t sure where both of us would stay in Kuching and activities for us to do on the side to take a break from stress & worry.”

Going through chemotherapy was tough as Mac would often vomit, have fevers, and had no appetite to eat his medicine. With the encouragement & support from SCCS as well as the medical team, she realized that she was not alone in this journey and tried her best to be more positive & hopeful. Even during the pandemic, SCCS continued providing the vital support services, ensuring little fighters like Mac could go for his appointments & treatments. All she hoped for was to see Mac healthy & back with his siblings, just like normal times.